About Us

Meet Erica, founder of Borrowed from the Island

Daughter of two crazy Caribbean parents. One from the Island of Jamaica and the other from the Island of Barbados. Direct descendants of Maroon warriors by way of East and West Africa. No doubt that she was meant to be here at this time, in this space, and in this order. 

At an early age Erica learned that everything and anything we need simply comes from the earth. Throughout her hair care and self- love journey she discovered some of the most powerful plants & herbs used by her ancestors. She believes what Borrowed from the Island is doing today has already been done since the beginning of time. Erica wants to simply reintroduce the self-care standards that we somehow lost along the way. 

Erica's first collection "Earthstong Collection"  pronounced “Urt Strang” stands for "day of birth". This collection provides rich nutrient-dense hair food ingredients that all hair types need to withstand the test of time. She believes whether natural, relaxed, color treated, chemical treated, curly, kinky, coily, afro or straight we all deserve quality self care. 

"I'm so excited for people to experience, learn and understand how powerful nature can be. Studying and using plant based and Ayurvedic ingredients from childhood to now has been something like a gift from the earth. From being a brand ambassador for some amazing brands to now having my own toxic free and all natural hair care line I'm living out a dream that was already within me..... I'm living proof that clean beauty is better and more affective, lets just say my hair results don't lie"   

Favorite quote:
“If you learn, Teach. When you get, Give”
- Maya Angelou

To provide high quality natural products and services that are focused on healthy practices centered around wellness, self- love and mental health awareness. A lifestyle brand that provides educational tools, resources, and events that uplift the community.

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